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About The Practioner

Elizabeth Bergeron L.M.T.

Licensed and practicing continuously since 2012 with the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy #18951.
Studied at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon, USA.


I came to the field of massage therapy in 2011 after working at a hospital. Originally, I wanted to be a physician's assistant however I found working at the hospital was not for me. I found my way into the world of massage therapy and have never looked back.

Massage therapy aligns with my belief that if we support the body's natural functions in most cases we will achieve balance and health. Through massage therapy, I help facilitate the bodies natural ability to heal itself and increase the mind/body awareness. I love seeing the positive changes that occur every session. It has been an rewarding career thus far and I am looking forward to helping and treating people here in Haarlem.

I specialize in deep tissue, therapeutic, and relaxation massage.

I hold a state license in massage therapy in Oregon, U.S.A. I also routinely take continuing education in the US to stay abreast of newer, better, and safer techniques in this field. I love discovering new aspects in this field and exploring different modalities to expand my practice and better suit my clients needs. 

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